I cannot overemphasize my love for Christmas. I mean a season you can literally smell in the air deserves all the hype it receives.

This year I decided to try making my very own Christmas hamper, not for myself of course, but for my boo.

I consider myself a hopeless romantic and I’d use any given opportunity (festivity) to make the one I love go “aww” (and hopefully he does).

I wanted to go all out, but because of my beautiful country’s economy I had to be wise and spend within a very tight budget. So, I considered what he likes, he likes the color blue, is conscious about his skin, and likes drinking coffee.

So, I thought to myself, a mug that’s blue, some coffee, and lip balm to protect his lips from the harshness of harmattan would be a befitting hamper package.

I kid you not, I struggled with the creative aspect of this project and I will like to give a big shout out to Pinterest for all the inspirations.

In making the hamper I used, an old box, filled it up with some newspaper shredding, and covered it with a cloth, I also used some old Christmas décor to enhance the appearance of the box, and here’s the end result.

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