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Festivities Are Kinda Strange…

Merry Christmas everybody!

Do you sometimes feel like the Grinch during Christmas time? Fear not for you are not alone! Ever since I fell for the scam of growing up, Christmas hasn’t been the same for me and I can bet that’s the way it might be for some of you as well. Christmas is ideally a perfect holiday especially for children. There’s no school, you get the much coveted “Christmas cloth” (and if you’re lucky, matching sunglasses), chin chin and fried meat flows freely and everything is paradise.

That is however, not quite the case as a “grown up”. While there are many adults that still love the Christmas period and get excited as soon as it’s December 1st; they too are faced with the pet peeves that come during the holiday season.

My greatest annoyance is one that’s hard to miss.  Once schools closes and office breaks are given, everywhere suddenly seems overpopulated. A horde of people in diaspora return to their hometowns and villages and that’s when you realize that 9.7 billion people on Earth by 2050 is a whole lot. (This has been sponsored by, Sustainability & Development lol). Unlike people that generally like to live in chaos (I’m talking to Lagosians if anyone is asking), I quickly get tired of having to shuffle through immense crowds and laborious traffic. Something that could have easily been a simple trip to the market or a small errand transforms to a scene from Hunger Games.

Although I said that Christmas is ideally the perfect holiday for children, they too have their own lot to suffer. My soul aches for the children all around Nigeria who are put under the stress of taking pictures with black men whose faces are painted white all in the name of Father Christmas. This is a shout out to all the brave kids who have faced ugly Santa Clauses and skinny drunk Telletubbies!

Lastly, it seems to me that many people are pressured to spend their Christmas in a certain way. For some, that means having to go along with traditions that they are tired of or simply not comfortable with.  Others may find themselves constantly going out and spending money that doesn’t need to spent all in the name of Detty December. And let’s not forget those who feel so single and alone while it seems like the entirety of the world is all loved up. 

If you’re one of the people crazy for Christmas, perhaps this post has been a downer for you. But alas, I have a sprinkle of positivity! You see, even though all the things I’ve said (and many more) greatly annoy me, Christmas is an undeniably wonderful time of the year. Life is what we make it and if your Christmas hasn’t been what you want it to be then you need to make some changes. I believe that personal happiness is somewhat underrated in Nigeria, so this is a plea; do what makes you happy! Create traditions that are just as unique as you are, or don’t even have traditions, spontaneity is highly encouraged. Whatever you decide to do, it’s all in your hands. When I started making Christmas my own by doing more of what I wanted, I began to enjoy the holiday rather than dread it and I have no regrets!

I’m ending this post with the risk of sounding cliché, but don’t forget to remember the reason for the season. Regardless of your religion, the spirit of Christmas is one of love, sharing and joy; those are things that revolutionize the world and how else does the world change if it doesn’t start from you and I?

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